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Why Adopt?

There are hundreds of thousands of pets abandoned every year in the UK. With the number of animals in need of help growing every day, there is more and more pressure on animal charities like DogsTrust. By adopting a furry friend, you’re not only helping one animal by giving it a loving home, you’re helping charities make room to accept another animal into their care.

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Meet Barry!

Centre: Newbury
Age: 0-6 months 
Sex: Male


Barry is a 6 month old Caucasian Shepherd, he is currently in a foster home learning all about the joys of home life and how to be good boy! Barry loves his home comforts, toys and the treats from his training sessions. He also enjoys a gentle groom and fuss from you.

Type of home needed

Barry is looking for a home who will have room for him to grow, he will be 50kgs and more! His new owners must be willing to continue his ongoing training, he is very responsive and learning well. Barry enjoys his walks and is meeting lots of new canine friends, his new owners will need to continue his socialising, he would love to have a group of friends in his new home.

More about me

Barry is looking to be the only pet in the home, he could potentially live with children aged 11 years and over who are used to large breeds. **Barry is in a foster home, please call 01488 658391 before visiting** **Large breed experience is ideal for this boy**

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