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romy london vegan beauty blog cruelty free kindlook interview

we had the wonderful chance to have an interview with the beautiful romy of romylondonuk. 

she has this blog you've probably heard of.

if you haven't, now you have. 


hey there! tell us a bit about yourself, what’s your name? where are you from? what’s your favourite animal 🐘?

Hey, I'm Romy and I run a vegan blog called Romylondonuk. I grew up in Germany and moved to London in 2012 after completing my photography degree. My absolute favourite animals are elephants, but I'm also super obsessed with dogs, cats and monkeys (yes I know it's a random combination ha!)

how and why did you start blogging?

I started my blog in 2015 - I had already gone vegan in early 2014 and discovered my love for being creative in the kitchen through switching to a plant-based diet. At first I was hesitant with setting up a blog for my creations, but it was my boyfriend Nick who finally convinced me to do it. It was around the same time that I stopped pursuing portrait photography and I realised that I really need some form of creative outlet - and blogging has proofed itself to be perfect!

what do you want to be when you grow up? :P

When I was younger I was always fascinated with detectives. I loved reading detective books and Famous Five was one of my all time faves! I also played 'detective's office' with my brother quite a lot with ended up in me taking the entire families fingerprints with a stamp pad - I don't think they were too amused ;)

romy london vegan beauty blog cruelty free kindlook interview

what was your first ethical purchase, and why?

Uh, this is a difficult one - I don't think I actually remember. I was always idealising going vegan when I was still a carnivore but always thought I wouldn't be able to go through it with until it just clicked one day. I'm sure I already did a couple of more ethical purchases prior to going vegan fully, but it's too long ago for me to clearly remember, sorry!

why did you make the switch to animal-friendly products?

Initially it was more of a health reason - at the time back in 2014 I felt very sluggish, lacked energy and felt generally very unhappy and unhealthy. I felt I needed a change but didn't know where to start until a documentary called 'Vegucated' came across my way and watching that it simply clicked and I haven't looked back since! Through going vegan I feel that I had to educate myself on a lot of what's going on in our society and food industry, and it's become so much more than just about health for me! Veganism has basically opened my eyes and made me the compassionate person that I am today.

how do you think we can increase awareness of animal-cruelty in the beauty world?

I personally think there's no one way that would work to increase awareness as people can be very different. For some it might open their eyes to see photos & videos of mistreated animals, for others it works best to see someone lead by example. I believe both types of activists are needed to raise the awareness in the bigger picture - I myself see myself as a peace-loving & understanding activist and I make people aware by leading by example.

romy london vegan beauty blog cruelty free kindlook interview

how can brands and people work together to end animal products being used in makeup?

I think the responsibility lies with both the brands and the people - and change can only happen when both work together on it - brands with creating ethical products and people creating more demand for ethical products.

do you have any tips on how to find animal-friendly products? 💄

I find a lot of skincare brands through social media actually - but it might just be because I am most active on there ;) I love seeing products that other vegan bloggers use as I trust that they have done the research behind the product and brand, so following like-minded people definitely helps with discovering wonderful products :)

what's your current skincare routine like?

On a regular day I start off by washing my face with a cleanser, then spraying a toner and adding moisturiser which I leave to soak in whilst I prepare my breakfast, then I add make up when I leave the house. If I work from home I often go make up free for the day to let my skin breathe - on those days I often wash my face 2-3 times during the day with water - simply to refresh as it can get quite warm in my apartment when I cook & photograph. In the evening I use a combination of coconut oil and cleanser to remove my make up, then thoroughly wash my face, add a eye cream and massage a serum into my skin before bedtime. On weekends or work-from-home-days I also like to use face masks.

how does your diet affect your skin?

My skin is super sensitive and I easily get breakouts when consuming too many sugars or processed carbs, so I try to minimise them in my diet. I also struggle with changing water though - whenever I go on holiday and the tap water & air changes I get breakouts, not the best on a holiday ;)

what are some of your favourite brands and products?

I've been absolutely loving the Chobs Serum from my last KindLook box - I use it every evening since after thoroughly washing my face and my skin has honestly never been so soft and well balanced! I also love the deodorants from Schmidt's Natural (they smell amazing!) and the cleanser from Esse Skincare.

know any good places to eat?

My absolute favourite place is Tell Your Friends in Fulham! Such great & delicious food in a beautiful atmosphere, couldn't be better!

romy london vegan beauty blog cruelty free kindlook interview


thank you romy for being a star and answering our questions.

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