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where do you ship to?

we ship to the u.k., most of europe, u.s., canada, and australia. if you're anywhere else, just send us an email and we'll make it happen somehow. nobody should be without good skin, wherever they are :).


when will my order arrive?

we dispatch within 24hrs, so as soon as humanly possible. and we ship economy to keep your costs down, so it'll take a couple/few days to arrive.


are your products vegan friendly?

hell yaas.


are your products cruelty free?



can i instagram the heck outta your products?

heck yass, we might even feature you and get you something nice, tag us @kindlookbeauty.


what are kindlook points?

they're our way of saying thnx. earn them by sharing and following us, and trade em in to get a discount on your order. 


i'm a brand or influencers, let's collab!

totes let's do it! send us an email hello@kindlook.co.uk or join our affiliate program here


do you do dropshipping?

yes we do actually, shoot us an email and we'll talk through the details.


have some other questions or comments? we'd love to hear from you, hello@ kindlook.co.uk